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List of Academic Papers.

Simply Secure Blog Posts

Lessons from Architecture School for IoT Security, July 2017.

Retail Apps and Data Collection, July 2017.

Lessons from Architecture School for IoT Security, July 2017

Security is a "Design in Tech" Trend, March 2017.

Professional Knowledge and IoT, March 2017.

Essential Non-Technical Skills for Working in Security, Dec. 2016.

Blink and You'll Miss It: Notifications in an AI World, Oct. 2016.

What '90s London Raves Can Teach Us About InfoSec, Sept. 2016

Learning from Drones, Aug. 2016.

Respecting Participants in Privacy-Related User Studies, July 2016.

Illustrated Quick-Start Intro to Wireframing, July 2016.

Safeguarding Research Participants with a Bill of Rights, June 2016

Model Release: Respectfully Sharing Stories, June 2016

Selecting Research Participants for Privacy and Beyond, June 2016.

How to Name Your App, May 2016

ChatBots, UX, and Privacy, May 2016

Design Matters: 2016 Design in Tech Report, April 2016.

Comfortable UX, Not Just Open APIs, April 2016.

How UX Includes or Excludes, April 2016

Notes from the Internet Freedom Festival, March 2016.

Awkward! QR Scanning + LinkedIn Spam, Feb. 2016.

Notes on the O'Reilly Design Conference, Jan. 2016.

How to Sketch Storyboards in 10 Minutes, Jan. 2016.

Straight Talk: New Yorkers on Privacy, Dec. 2015.

Why Open-Source Projects Need Style Guides, Nov. 2015.

Mind the Gap Between Mobile Apps, Oct. 2015.

Underexposed: Building a Movement for Secure UX, Oct. 2015.

Ninjas + Hemingway: Writing for UIs, Oct. 2015.

Nostalgia, Trust, and Brand Guidelines, Sept. 2015.

Design Thinking, Aug. 2015.

Empathy in the Real World, Aug. 2015

Kids' Online Privacy: SOUPS Keynote, July 2015.

Behind the Scenes: Emerging Conversations from Slack, July 2015.

Closing the Participation Gap: HotPETS Presentation Summary, July 2015.

Lessons from Architecture School Part III, July 2015.

Lessons from Architecture School Part II, June 2015.

Lessons from Architecture School Part I, June 2015.

Making the Abstract Experiential, May 2015.

Hello, I'm Ame, May 2015.