Ame Elliott

User experience design to re-imagine privacy, security, transparency, and ethics.

Design can change the world.

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Jan. 2019. Designing for Trust: User Experience and Privacy. University of Bochum Innovation Tour, Berlin, Germany.

Jan. 2019. Trust Me: Building Trust with UX Design + Security. Underexposed Design Residency, Berlin, Germany.

Oct. 2018. Can’t Trust This: How UX Design Makes a More Trustable Internet of Things. Adobe MAX, Los Angeles, California.

Aug. 2018.    Trust Me: Building Trust with UX Design + Security.  HERE, Berlin, Germany.

Aug. 2018.    UX Design for Trust: Protecting Privacy in a Connected World. Adobe Design Summit, San Francisco, California

June 2018.    Strategies for Better UX. FOSS Backstage, Berlin, Germany.

May 2018.    Trust Me: Building Trust with UX Design + Security, UX London, London, UK.

May 2018.    UX Design for Trust: Protecting Privacy in a Connected World, From Business to Buttons, Stockholm, Sweden. 

May 2018.    Request Denied: Designing for Consent in Data Collection, re:publica, Berlin, Germany.

Mar. 2018.    Introduction to UX, Prototype Fund, Berlin.

Feb. 2018.   Overview of UX Findings from Prototype Fund Round 2, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin.

Feb. 2018.    Panelist, "Trust Labels for IoT," Bosch Connected World, Berlin, Germany.

Feb. 2018.    Intro to User Experience Design, Kickoff, Better Place Lab, Berlin, Germany.

Jan. 2018.    Exploring the 'Design' in Privacy By Design, Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection, Brussels, Belgium.

Jan. 2018.    UX, Usability, and Privacy: Building Trustable Products, Privacy for Everyone, Berlin, Germany.

Dec. 2017.     IoT Security: User Experience and Privacy, ThingsCon Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Sept. 2017.     No, Thank You: User Experience for Privacy, ThingsCon Berlin, Germany.

Sept. 2017.    No, Thank You: User Experience for Privacy, Next Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

Sept. 2017.    Keynote Presentation: Designing for Trust: User Experience + Privacy, DroidCon, Berlin, Germany.

Aug. 2017.    Lessons from Prototype Fund Round 1 UX Design Coaching, Prototype Fund Demo Day, Berlin, Germany.

July 2017.     Designing Trustable Products, ProductTank, Berlin, Germany.

June 2017.    Panelist,  "Ethical User Experience Design: Empowering Practitioners with Open Research and Professional Education," Stanford in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

May 2017.    User Experience Design for Security: Emerging Thoughts on Professional Knowledge, Security and Human Behaviour, University of Cambridge, UK.

Mar. 2017.    Designing the User Experience of Machine Learning Systems in Review, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Spring Symposium, Stanford, CA.

Mar. 2017.    Panelist, "Designing Trustable Products: Microinteractions Matter for Secure UX,"  O'Reilly Design, San Francisco, CA.

Feb. 2017.    Designing for Trust: UX for Security in IoT and Beyond,  IBM Design,  global video conference. 

Feb. 2017.    Designing for Trust: UX for Security in IoT and Beyond, IXDS Pre-Work Talk, Berlin and Munich, Germany.

Feb. 2017.    User Experience Design for Security: IoT and Beyond, Tactical Tech, Berlin, Germany.

Dec. 2016.    Level Up: Privacy-Positive Connected Living, Thingscon, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Oct. 2016.    Trust Me: UX for Privacy, Push Conference, Munich, Germany.

Sept. 2016.    Design + Privacy: Building Systems People Trust , Fluxible, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 

Sept. 2016.    Designing for Privacy: Building Systems People Trust, Experience Design for the Internet of Things, O'Reilly Online Conference. 

Sept. 2016.    Designing for Trust: UX from the Edge, Ignite Berlin (Part of View Source), Berlin, Germany.

Aug. 2016.    Privacy and Threat in Practice: Mobile Messaging by Low-Income New Yorkers, 25th USENIX Security Symposium, Austin, TX.

July 2016.    Respecting Participants in Privacy-Related User Studies. at the Privacy-Enhancing Technology Symposium in Darmstadt, Germany.     

Mar. 2016.    Lived Surveillance in New York at the Internet Freedom Festival, Valencia, Spain. 

Feb. 2016.    Straight Talk: New Yorkers on Privacy at Google, Mountain View, CA.

Jan. 2016.    UX for Security: Perils of Surveillance, Pain of Dashboards, and Power of Design at O’Reilly Design Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Dec. 2015.    Designing to Build Trust,  Salesforce, San Francisco, CA.

Nov. 2015.    Nonprofit Metrics: Benchmarking Cultural Change at Lean Startup, San Francisco, CA.

Oct. 2015.    Designing to Build Trust: UX Design + Security at CascadeSF, San Francisco, CA.

Sept. 2015.    Panelist, "If You Build It, They Won't Care: Designing Privacy-Preserving Technologies for People with Other Interests," Art Design, and the Future of Privacy, New York, NY. 

Jul. 2015.    Usability is Not Enough: UX Design for Security Engagement, Lightening Talk at Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security, Ottawa, Canada.

Jul. 2015.    Human-Centered Design for Secure Communication: Opportunities to Close the Participation Gap, HotPETS Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Philadelphia, PA.

Jun. 2015.    Experience Design for IoT Security: Lessons from Architecture School, Solid Conference, San Francisco, CA.

May 2015.    Experience Design for IoT Security: Lessons from Architecture School, Experience Design for the Internet of Things Conference, O’Reilly Online Conference.

Feb. 2015.    UX for Startups: Design Thinking + Doing, Open Lecture, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nov. 2014.    Uncovering and Communicating Value Propositions with Design Research, Code for America Accelerator, San Francisco, CA.

June 2014.    Panelist, "Harvard v. Khan Academy: How the Design of Remote Learning Will Solve the Problem of Education." AIGA SF Design Week D.Talks, San Francisco, CA. San Francisco, CA.

May 2011.     Embedding Stories into Data: Hybrid Qual/Quant Design Research, FSG Brownbag Lunch, San Francisco, CA.

Apr. 2011.    How Location Data Can Power Human-Centered Healthcare, Keynote Address at Kaiser Permanente Innovation Lab’s Tech Demo Day, Oakland, CA. 

Apr. 2010.    Panelist, "Addressing Challenges in Doing International Field Research,” Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) 2010, Atlanta, GA. 

Nov. 2009.     Technology Factors for Design, Guest Lecture at Stanford d.School, Palo Alto, CA.

Feb. 2009.     Design for Behavior Change, Closing Keynote of Sustainability Teach-In, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.

Feb. 2008.     Grounded Leaps: Methodological Choices for Driving Innovation, Design Futures Lecture Series, University of California, Berkeley School of Information, Berkeley, CA.

Mar. 2007.     From Fieldwork to Design, Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, CA.

Feb. 2007.    Cultural Issues in Mobile Design, Mobile Persuasion, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.    

Jan. 2007.     Design for Mobile Leisure Guides, Yahoo! Research, Berkeley, CA.    

Dec. 2006.     Mobility, Community, and Online Disease Management, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto, CA.

May 2006.     Japanese Youth at Leisure, Mobile Device Workshop, Berkeley Institute for Design, Berkeley, CA.